Entry #2

New work

2009-04-17 11:14:49 by thisischristian

Well it seems that my first flash went down ok so I'm now working on an intro into what I hope could be a series. Should hopefully be done within the week.

New work


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2009-04-17 11:15:17

1. If you ban certain users they may make an alt and spam you
2. You can't kill a troll by ignoring them, only trolling them back
*3. Be nice to EyeLovePoozy and your ban times will shorten
*4. Dicks aren't funny
5. <Rules of the Internet>
6. Any girl on NG who claims to be a porn star is a man or has/had a dick
7. If you criticize someone's flash/audio they will cry and call you a jerk with no life
8. If you insult a Sonicfan's fanfic/fancharacter they'll call you a "gay a** imachur bad spelr"
*9. 08ers don't know anything and 07ers know everything.
10. You're a nobody if you haven't made a flash/submitted audio
11. You're a fucking moron if you mispell one word
*12. Your opinion doesn't matter-only someone else's
*13. Level 1 users would try to take over Newgrounds unless they're flamed daily
*14. If you speak your opinion you're automatically trying to troll
15. Megaman is the only thing that is allowed to bypass rule 34 (the "if it exists there's porn of it" one, not the " It isn't sarcasm unless you post (sarcasm)" one)
*16. If you ask a question expect at least one facepalm
17. It's true because I say it is
18. You're underaged if you watch cartoons or curse sparingly
19. The 25th statement is a lie
*20. "Faggot" Is the least original insult
21. Censorship makes you look noobish
*22. If you think you know what you're talking about, you really don't
23. The higher your stats, the cooler you are on the internet
24. The cooler you are on the internet, the less cool you are in the real world
25. The 19th statement is true
26. That "the below statement is a lie-the above statement is true" isn't funny
27. The 14th smiley is "thinkingfaic", not "coolfaic"
28. It's ok to tell noobs to delete their system 32.
*29. If you don't feel like answering a "where is" question just tell them to Google it
*30. Don't make threads, just use the search bar and post in a thread like the one you were going to make. If there's no thread like the one you're about to make, don't make it anyway because it's probably something stupid and pointless (which is why it hasn't been made).
*31. A photoshop thread isn't a real photoshop thread until there's an MS paint cock
*32. Don't start flame wars; your only soldiers will be your alts.
33. Vote 5 on everything because it will pass anyway
*34. It isn't sarcasm unless you post (sarcasm)
*35. Answer "why" questions with "because you touch yourself at night."
36. If you disagree with a review, flag it
37. If you don't like the author of a flash under judgement, flag it
38. If you're jealous of a song on the Audio Portal, flag it
39. If you followed rules 36 through 38, you're a statwhore
40. Don't request flash/audio, they'll never make it
41. Don't state that you're related to a younger user, they'll accuse him/her of being your alt
42. To make your e-penis/e-tits bigger, click the "random user" button on the blogs and flame them, even if it takes you to your own userpage-especially if it takes you to your own userpage
*43. Swear, a lot
*44. If someone advertises an outside website, post "I'd advertise my as if it had a website."
*45. If someone makes a post longer than two sentences, post TL;DR for a free post count
*46. Remember to make at least one post with an unrelated pic a month of the pic monster will get you
47. Get at least one medal or people will accuse you of being a noob or alt
*48. If your name has the word "fan" or a number in it, GET THE FUCK OUT NOW
*49. If you don't like it, complain about it on Twitter
50. You're an unsuccessful troll if you state you're a troll
51. Go ahead and submit stuff you didn't make, you won't get in trouble for it
*52. Accusing users of being underaged makes you cool
53. Leave this site and comeback when your reproductive organs work
54. If you're going to complain about a flash remember the most important rule-expect fifty comments contradicting everything you say
*55. Copypasta is the opiate of Newgrounds
*56. So is faggotry
57. You're an idiot if you don't understand sarcasm
58. Foot fetish hentai is the only SFW (safe for work) hentai
*59. "Go kill yourself" is less of an original insult than 'faggot'
*60. Unsuccessful trolling is the simplest form of attention whoring
61. Insulting users for mispelling words makes you look cool
62. Vote zero on people you hate's flashes out of spite
*63. Insult users not for what they like and don't like, insult them for their ability to speak the english language
*64 If you really want to humiliate a user, make a thread about him on the BBS, it surely won't get deleted
*65 Successful trolls are easily turned into unsuccessful trolls, but that's only if some noob states that they're successful trolls
66. Any quote can be made into a 'that's what she said' joke
*67. When banning someone, make a witty comment
68. Random jokes aren't funny
69. LOL 69!
70. Don't ban spammers, spam them right back
71. Hentai is for weeaboos and 12 year olds, real men look at porn
72. If you want to blam stuff, stop voting 5 out of pity
73. If it exists on the internet someone has already seen it, there's no need to waste bandwidth making a post about it
74. The internet is not a series of tubes, nor is it a truck
75. Only idiots double post then apologize about it
75. Only idiots double post then apologize about it
75-1/2. Oops, sorry, double post
76. Even if you didn't start the flame war, contribute to it to lower your noob status